New music album, Refraction, is released!

The new album is called Refraction and was written by myself and my friend / very talented musician, Drew Young. It is an electronic instrumental album comprised of 12 songs.

Check out some songs from the new album on the music page. The album is available in the store, as well as on iTunes / Apple Music & Spotify.

Oregon Coast Music Video

I spent some time on the Oregon coast this past fall (see posts from Oct/Nov 2018) and put together this music video using clips from the trip. What a beautiful coastline… can’t wait to go back!

Exploring Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Kauai is absolutely stunning and is a landscape photographer’s dream location. I had the opportunity to travel there, and I put together a video of various scenes and photographs from my adventure. I hope you enjoy!

Here are a few photos from the trip:

A Walk in the Redwoods

My mom and I traveled to Redwood National and State Parks in California to enjoy the wonderful trails and shoot some photos/videos. If you enjoy being in nature or doing nature & landscape photography, I highly recommend going to the park... you will not be disappointed!

Check out the video:

A few photos from the trip:

Winter Waterfall Photography at Silver Falls State Park Oregon

Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is amazing any time of year, but there is something extra special about being there in the winter after a fresh snow. I hiked along one of the main trails where I encountered one beautiful waterfall after another. I filmed some of the hike and took a few photos along the way... was a blast!

Check out the video from the hike:

Here are some photos from the hike:

Shooting a Music Video in Banff National Park

My girlfriend and I spent some time exploring a bit of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. We went on a snowy hike in Johnston Canyon where we saw some amazing frozen waterfalls. We also went up the Sulphur Mountain Gondola, which was beautiful! I shot a bunch of video and edited everything to one of my songs, "Hubble", from my album Accretion. Check out the video below:

Here are some still images from the adventure:

Photography on the Oregon Coast - Day 1

I went to the central Oregon coast for a weekend to see the area and take some photographs. On the first day it was very cloudy until the very end of the day, when I was finally able to see the sun! It was definitely a fun day, even though it was cold and windy!

Here are some images: